Old Cemeteries, The Paranormal Morphed Into Personal Post

What was supposed to be a post about old cemeteries and on my blog Haunted Abandoned Carolinas turned out to be mostly a bunch of ramblings and talking about the paranormal. I have no idea now which cemetery that picture was taken in. I’m going to assume it’s one in Missouri, however.

Today I wasted alot of time driving around and never did find anything I really wanted to stop and photograph. My head really wasn’t with it.  It was more about the driving than anything else. Finally, I realized I needed to fax some documents off and needed to find an office supply store. Had to drive thirty miles to find what I was looking for.

There’s an old cemetery that is allegedly haunted in the area I was in but by the time I got done it was getting late and the traffic was getting bad and I decided to just forget it. I usually find cemeteries I want to photograph by simply driving on U.S. or state highways rather than interstates or looking them up online. They may not necessarily be haunted but many are quite beautiful.

I’m still trying to get my head together after the last post about striking out without anyone. I’ve never really had any one. I mean NO ONE. No one to talk to, no one to turn to, no one to get advice from, no one to share things with and that is a very difficult concept. It’s not easy to strike out having no one and knowing there’s no one but yourself to rely on. I’ve always had to rely on just myself but having no one to talk to about anything is not easy. But that’s what I’m faced with. And like with all loss there’s grief. For me, there’s still the lagging grief of losing my parents probably because they’re the only family I had. The loss of a place to live, I lost that a few months ago but it’s still with me, the loss of a friend I care alot about and coming to the realization that it’s time to let this one go. Like with all male/female relationships sooner or later they have to come to an end. When they’re friendships you can keep them alot longer sometimes but when a new man or woman comes into the persons life it’s time to let it go. Not too many women or men appreciate their spouses/significant others having opposite sex friendships unless they too want to pursue a friendship with the person. While I have no statistics on this I’m pretty sure most people expect those friendships to come to an end. Afterall, the friend is entering a new chapter in his/her life and it doesn’t usually include past opposite sex friendships especially if those friendships were originally boyfriend/girlfriend relationships that didn’t work out for whatever reason.

I’ve lost other things too but these are the big ones, the ones that mean the most and the ones I have to let go of the most. But facing the world living off the grid and mobile with no family, no friends and no one to turn to is an arduous, demanding task. It’s one I’m not sure I’m up to but it’s also something that has to be concluded like it or not.

So what does all this have to do with old cemeteries? Other than the concept that my soulmate might be buried in one. Well, really nothing, other than the fact it’s what keeps me going. As I said in the last post I’m not sure what’s leading me in this direction once more. I’ve always had an interest in cemeteries and have been photographing them for awhile. Back in the summer, I would try to find one every night to have communion with the dead and take pictures. But let me be clear, I don’t go to cemeteries trying to contact the dead. I simply go there to be at peace and take pictures. The bible strictly prohibits communion with the deceased. Not that if I wanted to do so I would pay it much attention but I do believe in the ability to open doorways to other dimensions and since I have no way to know what might come through that portal I feel it best for my own safety and peace of mind to leave it alone and discourage it for those who think it’s a good idea.

This is one reason I’ve declined several offers to become a part of paranormal groups. I believe in the supernatural but I don’t believe in contacting the spirits in an effort to banish them. When a place is truly haunted how do I know if the spirits that inhabit it’s halls are that of the deceased that once lived there or more sinister entities? In essence how do I know these apparitions aren’t really demons?

Science says ghosts do not exist and you will find no scientist that supports it. Biblical scholars and religious people alike don’t support it instead stating emphatically that what is being seen are demons pretending to be the deceased. This may be true and it might not be. There is no scientific proof to support either theory. Until then, people are going to come down on whatever side their heart, upbringing, science and/or the bible tells them.

Until then, I’m just going to enjoy photographing cemeteries and be wary in those that are said to be haunted.

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