Revenge In The 21st Century~Don’t Get Caught

In this post I’m going to talk about how not to get caught when you decide to get revenge. If someone has wronged you they deserve to pay for their bad behavior. That’s my motto. Now some will think I’m immoral and unethical. Maybe I am but I don’t care. I have no problem exacting punishment and as I said in a previous post I’ve never been one to be very forgiving when it comes to being romantically wronged especially when he knew what he was doing. I’m not tolerant of anyone else causing me problems either. How much they’ve hurt you or how much trouble they’ve caused depends on the degree of malice you should enact. You don’t want it to be overkill but you also want them to know they were wrong. Remember however, that some people will never recognize their bad behavior and think you’re psycho. But if you’re like me you don’t care about that but what you don’t want is to get caught. Even on the minor stuff.

Some people use VPN’s that are supposed to be anonymous but may not be. Personally, I prefer wifi hotspots. They usually come up as being nowhere near the actual location you’re at. Of course they may be using a proxy and if they are law enforcement can find out the location. My advice is to play it safe and go at the busiest times such as meal time and friday night and the weekend. You may also want to avoid using anything other than cash. Most places have surveillance and if law enforcement is determined enough they will find out who’s responsible. The last couple of times I’ve chosen to get even with someone I was out of my home state several hundred miles away. Unless you’re doing something particularly extravagant where the FBI would get involved then you have nothing to worry about. The police in the target’s location can’t do anything as it’s out of their jurisdiction and the police in your location aren’t going to fool with it. Another tip, when you access the internet for revenge purposes don’t log in to any of your own accounts. That includes email, anything. Keep it separate. Even wifi isp’s keep log records of everything on their network.

There are dozen’s of wifi hotspots too. My personal favorite is Mcdonald’s. The other very popular one is starbucks. Places like Walmart and Lowes also offer wifi which can be accessed outside in the parking lot if you don’t mind sitting in your car and your device is charged. I have an inverter box in my car that I use when my battery gets low. I avoid using this as much as I can so I’m not idling fuel away. When it was cooler I rather enjoyed sitting in my car writing, researching and blogging. And the good thing about these places is they have an extremely high turnover of people but they have surveillance.

Personally, I like to leave my hometown to exact internet revenge and it gives me the opportunity to take pictures along the way and have fun. If you can’t do that, alter the places you go. Try not to go to the same wifi spot all the time and at the same times. If you do happen to go to a neighboring town for something take the time to do some online pranking if you have time.

Remember that most of what you do is going to be illegal even if you think it’s a harmless prank. At least from the subjects eyes and what they tell the police. Guaranteed if what you do annoys them enough to go to the police the story they tell them will be much worse than what is reality. They will make it worse in hopes of forcing law enforcement to start an investigation and in some cases if their lies are convincing enough they will. Family members will always back them up even if it means lying. They take what their loved one says at face value never taking into consideration it might be a lie.

Before the police can contact you they must have some proof that you are responsible. In some cases police will not follow that protocol and attempt to question you anyway. In such an instance, if it comes to that, your best defense is to point them in the direction of the best, most hateful, nastiest criminal attorney in town. It doesn’t matter that you aren’t a client if it’s just harassing junk mail, derogatory photo-shopped pictures or soliciting phone calls. Of course, if it ever gets to this point it’s time to stop whatever you’re doing.

To wrap up be cautious! Nothing or no one is worth going to jail over.

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