Saving Money While Living In A Car

Well, I expect to be in Mayfield, Murray, Benton, Calvert City, Kentucky a few more days. The house my ex husband is rebuilding is almost complete and already with a property manager and this will bring in income. Income that will benefit me and hopefully I won’t be quite as strapped for money as I am now. We won’t clear anything the first month not with all the fees the property management company charges and the reserve that has to be met(that’s a starting fee for repairs). So I know I’m going to have to be very saving for the next month but hopefully after that it won’t be as tight as it is now. I’ve done quite well this month and I’m very surprised as I didn’t do this well two years ago but gas prices are cheaper now than they were then. But I added up how much I would be spending if gas were as high as $3.00 a gallon and still I would have saved more now than I did then. I’m a little stumped. There are however a couple of differences. I’m in a different car but the other car was also a mid sized sedan averaging 20 MPG around town and 30 MPG highway which is about the same as the car I’m in now. But actually the other car got better gas mileage at least on the highway. All in all, about the same. The other difference is I would only put enough fuel in it for one day which averaged about $12.00 a day. I also didn’t stay in one town as long. If I remember correctly I only stayed in one place for 4 or 5 days, maybe a week unless the weather didn’t permit me to leave. This all added up to more gas.

This all said I keep a record of what I’m spending every day and if I feel I’ve spent enough for that day I look for ways to reduce the amount. I still have to eat but I’ll eat one of those tuna or chicken salad packs for a dollar. The salmon ones which I like are $1.78 each at walmart. I always shop at walmart because it’s usually cheaper on the things I buy the most. Sometimes I’m so hungry I end up eating at Mcdonald’s before I leave. I try to eat as cheap and healthy as I can which is usually hot cakes and a hash brown or side salads, sometimes plain english muffins. While writing this I decided to look up the nutrition ingredients again. Aside from the fat which isn’t too bad in the things I eat they do contain ingredients like PDSM(anti foaming agent) which is in shampoos to make hair shiny, caulks, etc. and TBHQ(causes tumors, convulsions, paralysis, etc. in lab rats and also said to affect behavior especially those with ADHD and similar maladies) which is found in paints, varnishes, etc. My conclusion, we may as well start eating paint, soap and spar varnish. Although the FDA says small amounts are safe but statistics are that people who eat high fat diets consume a whopping 180% of what is an acceptable amount. And the average american eats 90% of what is acceptable.

The unfortunate downside is I’m eating this albeit not all the time. I wish there was a healthier wifi hotspot. But I have to say mcdonald’s has good wifi for the most part. I just try not to eat too much of it. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to avoid everything bad for us because even when we eat nothing but raw vegetables we are still consuming pesticides and insecticides that we all know are bad for us. So to be perfectly honest, nothing is truly safe.

This is one of the downsides of living in a car. I have to eat prepared foods from mostly fast food places. Although I eat at subway most every day so I can get vegetables and eat alot of tuna. In fact, I eat enough fish to float a battleship.

Aside from this fast food is not really cheap but I’m not a big fan of eating in my car. I read online that if you must sleep in your vehicle don’t eat in it too. Another reason for not eating in it all the time and alot of people don’t realize this because most don’t sleep in their cars is that when enough crumbs fall down into the track it will cause failure. I started to notice my last car’s seat starting to act up a little with relatively low miles. My car before that started acting up at 96k miles but didn’t completely fail until 246k(so not a bad run) leaving me to buy another car on the road which wasn’t planned or affordable but with few options since the seat cost $1200 and the shop refused to fix it insisting I’d be better off with a newer, lower miles car. While this is accurate they weren’t the ones paying the monthly car payment or the ones in an upside down loan. This is a whole other story as there’s more to it than just this. But the basic premise is the seat failed, I couldn’t get it repaired and had to buy something else with a loan on it that ended up having my ex husband’s name on it as the primary even though he was never in the dealership. They changed the paperwork he signed. And had him sign it while standing on a street corner in one of his infamous protests and he didn’t have time to read the paperwork. This is all for a different post. Bottom line, it’s not a good idea to eat all the time in a vehicle and spill crumbs down into the seat track especially a power seat.

As for saving money in a car, I’m sure there are others who have better tips than I do. Because most of them suggest eating food from stores but you are very limited in what you can eat because you can eat nothing that will spoil. If you have a van or RV/camper it might be easier.

I ended up off the subject like always and tend to ramble which I try to avoid. I will end for now.

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