Murray Kentucky

Update: It turns out the Mcdonald’s in Mayfield has an outlet that doesn’t work. It was so loose I couldn’t get my charger to go in and stay and ended up leaving and going someplace else where I got a little more work done, watched a couple of my lessons and some TV. All in all, not a bad night. The bad news came this morning. I’ve been battling a sinus infection/throat infection for the past two or three weeks and can’t seem to shake it. It just keeps coming and going.

I’ve been waiting to write this post because I don’t generally give the exact location of where I am. This sounds paranoid I’m sure but since I’m living in my car I don’t want anyone to know where I am exactly.

Today started out pretty well with me having lunch at Burger King. I have receipts for a free whopper or chicken sandwich with the purchase of fries and drink. The total came to $3.69 and I certainly can’t beat that. The total varies from place to place depending on taxes. I’ve spent as much as $4.30 but the average is less than $4.00. After my post yesterday about the harmful preservatives they put in fast food, high fat and processed foods I know I should have heeded my own advice and stayed away but I didn’t feel like eating at subway today. I eat there every day.

I had a light day planned. I was going to fax some documents off and go to the library and work awhile on my sites and watch my website lessons then a little TV after I picked up a new pair of earbuds(mine are going bad). But when I got to walmart they were closed because the power is out. It turns out power in the entire city of Murray and some of the county are without power. Apparently a substation went out. They suspect a lightening strike is what caused the outage. Since without power there is also no wifi service I decided to head to a neighboring town in hopes of getting online. I had already called the mcdonald’s in this town a few days ago when I was here and knew they had an outlet albeit only one outlet in the dining room. It’s a much older store than the one in Murray. The one in Murray in either a new restaurant or has been remodelled. Either way, it’s a really nice one with a 24 hour dining room and very comfortable chairs and color coordinated. I will probably have to go back because I still have to fax some stuff and there’s no office supply store here. Sometimes libraries offer fax services but I like self service kiosks. And some truck stops do too.

Once I get in one Mcdonald’s that I really like I hate to leave it in hopes of finding another I will like. The same thing happened in Sikeston/Charleston, Missouri. The Mcdonald’s in Charleston is a new or renovated one and very nice with the same color coordinated chairs that are so appealing in Murray. The downside and the reason I didn’t stay there very long was the fact that I had to drive 15 miles to get to it from the walmart where I parked and that was using too much fuel. I prefer walmart and mcdonald’s to be close to one another eliminating some of the driving and gas wasting. I didn’t get through this month saving as much as I did by driving alot. I’ve had to stay almost two weeks in one town to save on fuel costs.

I was here in this town a few days ago when I came here to get a haircut. These small towns are very lacking when it comes to salons and other things. When I was in Ridgecrest, California I wanted a haircut and had to drive 80 miles to Victorville(not too from San Bernardino) to get one. Otherwise I would have stayed in Ridgecrest. It was a nice little town.

The other day when I got my hair cut she used something she called hair powder. I looked in the stores for something similar but didn’t find anything. She started putting it in my hair before I could say anything. She said it worked really well for short cuts. I don’t like it. It does allow styling similar to hair gels giving it a hair dryer blown look but I still don’t like it. As with most hair products it looks kind of dirty by the next day and feels even dirtier. And with my situation being what it is I don’t need anything that makes me have to wash my hair more especially since most of the walmart’s here don’t have family restrooms. I still wash it. But I don’t like doing it in front of everyone. Not that I have a problem with anyone seeing me but when I’ve been in one walmart parking lot for nearly two weeks I don’t want to do anything that brings attention to myself.

Some videos online suggest using baby powder to make hair look less greasy. I haven’t tried it so I don’t know but I do know it would be messy. I tried that dry shampoo one time and it was so bad I had to run into the truck stop and wash my hair and I thought I’d never get it out. So I’m definitely not a fan although I saw several dry shampoo products the other day in the store. If I can’t wash my hair for a few days sometimes I will use hair gel which works pretty well. It makes it look kind of wet depending on how it’s applied. I don’t usually wet my hair anymore when I apply it. If the scalp is starting to itch I can use a little hair spray(it has a high alcohol content) and it stops it and also dries the hair out a little.

I just now checked to see if power had been restored to Murray and it has been. If I had just waited a couple of hours it would have been back on and I’m sure the Mcdonald’s there is open now that power is on. But I was getting bored staying there anyway not that it matters since I have to stay in this general area a few more days then I will leave and go to my next stop which I’m thinking will only be about 30 or 40 miles depending on whether I like the Mcdonald’s there. Sometimes they aren’t comfortable, sometimes the wifi is no good and sometimes they’re dining room doesn’t stay open long enough. Very, very few have 24 hour dining rooms but they have to at least close at 11 PM for me to be satisfied and be comfortable. If they’re not I’ll look for another. Another thing I like is having the $1 fountain drinks. Some charge $1.60 or more for a small drink. I feel bad if I don’t order something but when it’s higher I will only order a drink once in awhile when I go in but I usually get food before I leave depending on how hungry I am. Some are super busy and don’t really notice if you buy anything or not. And others have a layout where you can sit on the side and they never really notice you. And some don’t care. Very few have time limits on internet access but some do especially out west. They only allow wifi access for an hour while you eat. Now I don’t imagine they can control it if a person sits in their car accessing the internet if they can. I have done this when I was sick and didn’t want to go inside. One such place was in Franklin, Virginia right after I purchased the Impala and I was coughing real bad. They had excellent wifi I was able to access even though I was at the end of the parking lot.

I’ve rambled on long enough about stuff that most people will not find useful but if you happen to be travelling or living in a vehicle you might find it useful.

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I’ll start with this because this is where I’m currently at. I left North Carolina back in December, right before Christmas. When I came back to NC in September I tried to stay with my ex husband for a little while but it didn’t work out mainly due to his drinking. He would keep me up until the wee hours of the morning griping and fussing about everything under the sun(my previous therapist called it verbal abuse) and it was very stressful. Between yelling and drinking he would drop his pants and try to get me to engage in sexual activity which I’ve no desire to do. It’s no secret that we have an almost unbreakable bond and it’s hard to tear away from him and my last boyfriend(we’re still friends) insisted that we break all ties. At the time he wanted me to kick him out of a house that belonged to me. Shortly after my uncle acquired the property(it’s in terrible disrepair and I got very little for it) but my last boyfriend thinks I still have the power to kick him out of the house even though it no longer belongs to me. Well, obviously I can’t do that and anyone using their common sense knows this.

This long story that I’ll talk more about later brings me here to Kentucky. When I started back in December anger fueled me all the way to California as it has done in the past. I explored many places while there. I went to Death Valley National Park, Big Bend National Park in Texas, Utah(which I’ve never been to but driven through with my ex husband years ago), area 51 in Nevada, the canyons in Utah and Arizona, Lake Tahoe, Mammoth Lakes in California, Tombstone, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana and quite a few other destinations along the way and I still haven’t explored the gulf coast which was my intent upon leaving NC. I didn’t make it back to the Grand Canyon which is a regret. I I left Flagstaff, Arizona intent on exploring Route 66 which I did. Not all of it but some. My quest was to to make it to Joplin, Missouri then decided on St. Louis but got rearended and sidetracked and ended up going to Kansas then after having my car inspected kept going east which brings me to Kentucky, not too far from Missouri and Illinois. Not my favorite Kentuckian spot, Pikeville which is closer to West Virginia.

I’ve been here in Kentucky for almost two weeks taking care of business, getting my new blogs started and exploring a few places that are supposedly haunted. I developed that interest after my mother died years ago and a three car accident which I’ll talk more about later as I move some posts. My old blog kind of started to become a catchall for everything. My nature pictures, my haunted and abandoned places, other haunted objects and other photographs that fell into the category of interesting, cars(I love old, classic cars and photograph every one I see), route 66 and most anything else I can think of. I finally realized that haunted and abandoned places go on one blog, my travels and route 66 on another and maybe nature on a third. But I haven’t quite decided what direction I want this blog to go in so I may put my travels and some of my photography here. Rather than trying to keep up with three(or four). I’m currently working on three. But as I get my old blog posts moved I’ll drop one except for marketing purposes since it gets more traffic than my two brand new ones. At least right now.

Since I’m not sure which direction I want to take this blog in it may end up having my nature and travel photography. And of course I will still write. That is without a doubt one of my big passions next to photography although sometimes I tend to ramble about stuff that makes no sense to anyone but me. Anyway, we’ll see. And thanks for visiting. Hope to see you again.

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Introductory Welcome

Hello and welcome to my new blog. I’m moving multiple posts from another blog host to this one. I haven’t written on the other blog in a very long time and posts are now in draft. Since it’s fallen into the trash bin more or less I thought it was time to create a new one.

On this blog I feature mostly articles. And I have alot of articles that I’ve never published or have been unpublished for a long time. I don’t put too many pictures here, only a few here and there. This is strictly my writing. And I do so love to write just like I like to take pictures and have tons of those.

I’ve been blogging since 2006 but have gotten rid of every single blog I started back then and didn’t stay with it. I’ve been blogging regularly since 2009. Although for the last three years since I left my ex husband and lost a place to live I haven’t been doing too much blogging only sporadically. Now due to financial setbacks and being stuck in one place for awhile I decided to do something constructive when sitting at a wifi hotspot. And this one is a particularly good one. One, it’s 24 hours with comfortable chairs. How much better can you get than that?

While this blog will feature many of my articles it will also feature personal stories. The stories of when I left my alcoholic ex husband and ended up living in my car for a year and a half until a friend of his offered me a place to live then I lost that a year later when his church started complaining and I had to leave and am now living in my car again.

I will go into more detail about living with my alcoholic ex husband, living in a car, losing my last place to live, my photography, my travels, losing everyone in my family, my blogging, my writing, my interest in the paranormal and hauntings and more in future posts. Some of the posts will be just articles. In each I hope to give information, advice or help. And most of all I hope you enjoy my new blog. I will be moving many of the old posts to here in the coming weeks. I’m currently working on three blogs. Two here and one on a free host.

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