I’ll start with this because this is where I’m currently at. I left North Carolina back in December, right before Christmas. When I came back to NC in September I tried to stay with my ex husband for a little while but it didn’t work out mainly due to his drinking. He would keep me up until the wee hours of the morning griping and fussing about everything under the sun(my previous therapist called it verbal abuse) and it was very stressful. Between yelling and drinking he would drop his pants and try to get me to engage in sexual activity which I’ve no desire to do. It’s no secret that we have an almost unbreakable bond and it’s hard to tear away from him and my last boyfriend(we’re still friends) insisted that we break all ties. At the time he wanted me to kick him out of a house that belonged to me. Shortly after my uncle acquired the property(it’s in terrible disrepair and I got very little for it) but my last boyfriend thinks I still have the power to kick him out of the house even though it no longer belongs to me. Well, obviously I can’t do that and anyone using their common sense knows this.

This long story that I’ll talk more about later brings me here to Kentucky. When I started back in December anger fueled me all the way to California as it has done in the past. I explored many places while there. I went to Death Valley National Park, Big Bend National Park in Texas, Utah(which I’ve never been to but driven through with my ex husband years ago), area 51 in Nevada, the canyons in Utah and Arizona, Lake Tahoe, Mammoth Lakes in California, Tombstone, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana and quite a few other destinations along the way and I still haven’t explored the gulf coast which was my intent upon leaving NC. I didn’t make it back to the Grand Canyon which is a regret. I I left Flagstaff, Arizona intent on exploring Route 66 which I did. Not all of it but some. My quest was to to make it to Joplin, Missouri then decided on St. Louis but got rearended and sidetracked and ended up going to Kansas then after having my car inspected kept going east which brings me to Kentucky, not too far from Missouri and Illinois. Not my favorite Kentuckian spot, Pikeville which is closer to West Virginia.

I’ve been here in Kentucky for almost two weeks taking care of business, getting my new blogs started and exploring a few places that are supposedly haunted. I developed that interest after my mother died years ago and a three car accident which I’ll talk more about later as I move some posts. My old blog kind of started to become a catchall for everything. My nature pictures, my haunted and abandoned places, other haunted objects and other photographs that fell into the category of interesting, cars(I love old, classic cars and photograph every one I see), route 66 and most anything else I can think of. I finally realized that haunted and abandoned places go on one blog, my travels and route 66 on another and maybe nature on a third. But I haven’t quite decided what direction I want this blog to go in so I may put my travels and some of my photography here. Rather than trying to keep up with three(or four). I’m currently working on three. But as I get my old blog posts moved I’ll drop one except for marketing purposes since it gets more traffic than my two brand new ones. At least right now.

Since I’m not sure which direction I want to take this blog in it may end up having my nature and travel photography. And of course I will still write. That is without a doubt one of my big passions next to photography although sometimes I tend to ramble about stuff that makes no sense to anyone but me. Anyway, we’ll see. And thanks for visiting. Hope to see you again.

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