Why Are There No Good Men Left? The Economics Of Sex

As I’ve pondered this issue for over a decade and am still at a loss as to why I haven’t met any truly good men(I take that back, I’ve met a few but it didn’t work out) who want to stick around for marriage and commitment I get a refreshing new look that it all boils down to economics and partly feminism. You can read the articles here: The Economics Of Sex: Why Are There No Good Men Left? and The Pros And Cons Of Feminism.

I can by no means disagree with the author. So the economical structure of society is the reason I and many other women like me have not and probably will not meet a good man for marriage. From this economic standpoint the price of sex, dictated by women, is at an all time low. Sadly, our society has put such a low figure on sex that marriage and family are all but obsolete in a traditional sense. Gone are the days where men had to work for it. Now it’s available like a drive through. So where does this leave women that demand higher standards? Unfortunately, out in the cold. Men don’t have to live up to the caliber they did in our grandmother’s and great grandmother’s day. There’s no incentive to be better men and they don’t have to work for sex. It’s free. If not by one woman, then by another. This all adds up to zero value for marriage and family.

Even in the christian arena where you might think things would be better it is no different. No church or religious group is going to admit it but this is one battle they aren’t going to win. This is partly why they spend such an excessive amount of time talking and preaching on marriage and family. And why many singles get frustrated and feel left out in church. No one talks about the elephant in the room. The lack of good, marriage minded men who want a traditional family. Instead of the modern family made up of baby mama’s and baby daddy’s. Gone are the days of children having two parents that are married and living in the same house.

If I had children I would be very worried about their future. Not only the future of employment, jobs and inflation but family and honor. What does a young woman today do that doesn’t want to follow societal norms?  Her options are going to be far less. If she wants sex she’s going to have to join society and be like every other woman so she gets somewhat of a sex life and maybe if she’s lucky a man might choose to marry her. Women have sufficiently given men all the power. The feminist movement was supposed to empower women and make us more equal. The only thing we’ve succeeded in doing is giving men more power than they had before. This is not to argue that all feminism is bad. I wholeheartedly agree with eliminating injustices in the workplace and under the law. But feminism has been taken to the extreme. Radical feminists pursue stripping away all biology that makes us male and female and any man who refuses to go along with this absurd idea is bashed. But the male bashing doesn’t stop there. Men are bashed for taking advantage of a societal standard that women created. We generated the men we now despise. We fought for total liberation and we got it. Men no longer have to be honorable, respectable or hold jobs. They don’t have to marry or respect the institution. It’s perfectly acceptable to abandon children and have gross disrespect. Women have encouraged this contempt. Some forms of feminism have built an ideological foundation that is anti male.

In terms of marriage and family this has given us a society that no longer value what our forefathers did.

Like most women I didn’t sign up for this. I didn’t sign up for the huge loss of honorable men and wondering like alot of women where the good ones have gone. I didn’t sign up to be single my entire life or choose deliberately not to have a family. It’s just the way it turned out for me and many others like me.

I didn’t sign up for this cold, economical downfall.

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